Mission & Vision

We believe in a professional and highly specialized approach

Our mission

providing our clients with quality services

In our service catalogue, you can only find the activities and areas of application where we have professional experience at the highest level.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality services, paving the way for win-win situations in both the Italian and Chinese markets. We carry out a flexible but equally reliable policy for analyses, research and consultancy services. This strategy is as brilliant as a precious stone, just like our name Giada Verde, green jade, a symbol of good luck and prosperity.


Quality, for us, is synonymous with reliability and privacy, two essential components that we make available to our customers, that also guide our vision as well: a company investing in talented young people, both men and women.

诚浓Giada Verde is all this: professionalism, seriousness and quality to create more opportunities for business, work and wealth.

Our vision

We aim at talented young people, both men and women


what our clients

say about us

  • "Abbiamo avuto modo di apprezzare i servizi di Giada Verde per due nostri servizi. Competenza, professionalità, velocità e flessibilità sono i tratti distintivi di Giada Verde."
    Franco RussoDirettore Generale Morgan S.p.a.