CN Giada Verde and The first day ECLS

CN Giada Verde and The first day ECLS
23 September 2016 Giada Verde

14445946_10153885802773240_8611268530644962631_nIt is just finished the first day of the 11th Annual General Conference of the European China Law Studies Association held at the Faculty of Law of the Roma Tre University in Rome from today to 24 September 2016. Since its founding in 2006, the European China Law Studies Association ECLS has become a major international venue for scholars and practitioners who are engaged in the study of Chinese law, from both comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives.

CN Giada Verde company that already plays an important role in the bilateral investment sector between China and Italy could not miss the event of course.

CN Giada Verde, with many years of experience in this Business, has much in common with the spirit of the conference because, among other things, is able to handle all the legal and bureaucratic aspects of the economic negotiations needed to develop synergies between Italian and Chinese companies.

T14441084_10153885802158240_4682147163341068962_nhe symbiosis between the socio-cultural values of the event and those always promoted by CN Giada Verde is also demonstrated by the fact that the company is one of the two sponsors of the prestigious event.
The day opened with greetings welcome from the president of University of Roma Tre, Mario Panizza and the Director of the Law Faculty Giovanni Serges, during the long series of events which had taken place, speakers from all over the world succeeded one another, to name but a few, Gianmaria Ajani, Rector of the University of Turin, and is Russian and Chinese law expert, Björn Ahl professor at the university of Cologne and member of the Board of Directors of ECLS,  and many more, for CN Giada Verde was the perfect opportunity to consolidate the old relationships and to build new ones and to create the preconditions for interesting future collaborations.

The day continued in the UNIDROIT headquarters Villa Aldobrandini, where after a short welcome speech from the Institute’s Secretary General for the unification of Private Law, all the guests could enjoy a buffet, allowing them to consolidate relationships with old acquaintances and creating new ones.