CN Giada Verde, ECLS and “opportunities” between the two countries

CN Giada Verde, ECLS and “opportunities” between the two countries
26 September 2016 Giada Verde

It’s time for the ECLS association to say goodbye to the Italian Capital, after almost three days of presentations and speeches at the lecture halls of the Law department of Roma Tre University, sponsored this year by CN Giada Verde, consultancy firm for Chinese and Italian companies and entrepreneurs, that provided its financial and technical contribution for the success of the event and actively took part to the different panels as well as to the leisure activities.

The event welcomed the guests in the lively university main building, where professors, scholars and professionals from every corner of the world gathered to focus on the main features and recent developments of the Chinese law, both from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. They all presented their experience and point of view especially concerning the main difficulties for both Chinese and Italian companies to invest overseas. Among these experts, there were lawyers from the law firm Picozzi&Morigi, itself sponsor and organizer of the conference, that has been giving legal guidance to Italian and foreign clients wishing to enter the Chinese market for 30 years.

One of the main topics of the meeting has been the   ‘Legal Language and Legal Translation’, a speech held by Prof. Renzo Cavalieri, Prof. Roger Greatrex from Lund University and Michele Mannoni from Perugia University. Legal translation is also one of the CN Giada Verde’s main area of interests, since the Bilateral Communication is one of its 4 department, and of course one of the more important ones to make the two worlds communicate and work together.


During the conference, all the lecture halls were full with people and, considering that more speeches were held simultaneously in different halls, this is a sign of a great success.

The sessions have been the occasion for CN Giada Verde to consolidate old and new friendships in the context of open and stimulating discussions covering all the main subjects of the Chinese law rampant evolution and to renew, at the same time, its strong commitment to facilitate the growth of mutual economic opportunities between the two countries by providing attentive and trustworthy consulting services.